September 18, 2012

We don’t pick the family that we are born into. In truth, we are dealt a hand of cards and whatever we get is what we are stuck with. Sometimes the hands we are dealt are great. We are brought up into a family that is able to spread their attention between all of their children. As I have already said, that was not the type of household that I grew up in. So, when I got older I was able to create a family. That is what we do when we become adults by surrounding ourselves with the people who we really care about. The problem is the family you create does not always work out the way that you had hoped it would.

As a teenager, I found that I selected people to be in family that were worse off than me. I was able to tell myself for a long time that I wasn’t that bad, in comparison to the people that I hung out with. I perpetuated our relationship and followed suite with them. I truly believed that they were my family. They, on the other hand, did not feel the same. I was simply another person that was lost in space like them. If I could save them, then I wouldn’t need to save myself.

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