Growing up

August 28, 2012

Here we go. Growing up was not always an easy task considering the hand that I was dealt. I have a brother, named Aaron, and he was born with Down Syndrome. When I say hand that I was dealt I don’t mean that in a vindictive way. Simply put, being a child and told you are going to have a sibling is hard when you have grown up until that point as an only child, but finding out that your sibling is going to need even more attention is even harder. The reality is that as an only child you are spoiled by your parents. I can say that they gave me anything that I ever wanted. I had a pink mustang bed. What other kid can say that they had that?

Once I got over the initial shock that I was not going to be the center of attention I was excited. I thought, hey I can finally have someone to play with all the time. I really was excited and I don’t think that even after I found out that he was going to be born with Down Syndrome did that really change my mind. My grandparents stayed with us for a couple weeks while my mom was waiting to have him and I was so excited that I got to have my whole family around me. They read me The Giving Tree while we sat in the hospital waiting and they even bought it for me to take home. I felt a little less shafted when they did that. The idea that I was being pushed aside didn’t set in until I actually got to see him.

He was so tiny in the glass crib that he was in. He had oxygen tubes on his nose and he just laid there. He looked so helpless and I couldn’t really make out the situation. My mom just sat there and looked tired. She cried a lot. I noticed that everyone was always circling him. Someone had to be there all the time with him unless people were being sent home because visiting hours were over. The nurse made him a sign that spelled out his name in bubble letters. She drew the puppies from 100 Dalmatians surrounding the letters. I watched her draw it out, but the entire time the she did I couldn’t help but think where does this leave me?